Oh, Allo. We all wanted to give you a chance when Google announced you at I/O 2016. After months of waiting, the app has picked few of the features we wanted. Hey, it's got stickers, though. According to Google's VP of product management Nick Fox, the Allo web app is at least a month or two from release still.

It was Fox who teased the Allo web app in February. At the time, it contained many of the features we've seen in the phone client like stickers and Smart Replies. Having Google Assistant on your desktop could be cool even if you never use Allo.

Fox says he's using this client every day, and he loves it. He is, of course, biased. Fox estimates the team is at least a month or two from a general release. Fingers crossed. This might not be the thing that saves Allo (if that's even possible), but it won't hurt.