When the LG Watch Sport was announced, Verizon was on the list of carriers that would sell it. However, it's been three months since then, and Verizon still hasn't made it available for sale, with nothing being shipped to pre-orderers. It turns out that the chunky device has been completely canceled for Big Red.

In the past few days, Verizon customers who pre-ordered the Watch Sport began receiving emails stating that their orders had been canceled. Droid Life reached out to Verizon and LG, and Verizon confirmed that it had indeed been canceled. (LG did not respond.) Pages on both Verizon Wireless and LG's sites for the VZW Sport (W820V) have disappeared (the cached LG page is here). The AT&T W820A model is still up.

Verizon is offering pre-orderers $100 towards any other smartwatch they currently offer for the inconvenience. We've reached out to Verizon to request more information regarding this odd cancellation.

Verizon has informed us that the cancellation is not related to the Wear24 launch. Put your pitchforks down, people.