The Wall Street Journal has reported that Nintendo and DeNA are teaming up once again in order to bring us Android gamers a new title in The Legend of Zelda series. Honestly, this isn't much of a surprise seeing how well their latest Zelda game has been selling for the Wii U and Switch.

The question remains, what type of game will this be? So far Nintendo has given us Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. These are both obviously different in mechanics and pricing from their mainline console titles. Mario Run, of course, is a runner game that charges $10 to unlock the full content. To no one's surprise, many thought that the price was too high for what you received. Then there is Fire Emblem Heroes, which turned out to be a gacha game with poor drop rates. Sure both mobile games still have their fans, but to think that these are anywhere near the quality of Nintendo's console offerings, well, you would be kidding yourself.

So far details are pretty light on what The Legend of Zelda's mobile version will offer. What we do know is that it is rumored to be released after Nintendo's next mobile title Animal Crossing. Keep in mind that this release window may change. Considering how tight-lipped Nintendo is when it comes to leaked information, there will most likely be very few specific details until the game is officially announced.

Personally, I am going to stay cautiously optimistic for The Legend of Zelda on Android. I would think that it would be an odd choice for Nintendo to tarnish the series with freemium idiocy after they just reinvigorated it with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So far both mobile games from Nintendo have had different pricing models. Maybe this trend will continue. Though it is a bit worrying that Fire Emblem Heroes' IAP filled pricing model has made a ton more money than Mario Run's more honest method of paying in full for the entire game.

So what do you dear readers think? Will this be another title filled with gacha and IAPs, or will Nintendo do us right with a worthwhile Zelda release on Android?