LG has been one of the manufacturers who has stuck with LCD panels on its smartphones. While they look great, they still can't hold a candle to what Samsung puts in its Galaxy S and Note phones. Likely hoping to change that, the smaller Korean OEM (in terms of smartphone market share) is planning to ship its first smartphone with an OLED display in Q3 this year.

Sources speaking to The Investor claim that LG is planning to produce the V30, its phone that is meant to compete with the Note series, with an OLED screen and release it later this year. And if all goes according to plan, next year's flagship (probably called the G7, but that's just a hunch) will follow suit.

Another part of the plan is for LG to supply Apple's OLED panels for the future iPhones. Quality control seems to be an issue, however, so we'll see if that comes to fruition. For now, we hope to see the V30 (or whatever it's called) come with a nice OLED display.