Instagram is getting some new features to appeal to your creative side. If you've been dying for some face filters for your posts or Direct messages, you can now have them. More features are also being added, like video rewind and hashtags right on the Stories that you post. Sounds... engaging.

There are eight different filters to start off and you can find them by swiping over to the camera and tapping the face icon. Try them out — it'll work with both the front- and rear-facing shooters on your phone. It also works with Boomerang so that things can get really weird.


Besides just face filters, Instagram is also introducing a rewind mode for the camera. As you might have guessed, this lets you play videos backwards. Cool, I guess. If you're looking to add some additional context to your Instagram Stories, hashtag stickers are now a thing. Just tap the "Stickers" icon in the top right of the screen and type the hashtag you want.

Finally, when you take a photo or video, you can fill the entire thing with a single color and then use the eraser to creatively reveal the parts that you want. All of these exciting features are part of v10.21 for Android and iOS. If you don't have that update yet, you can grab v10.22 from APKMirror.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free+