Sometimes you can save significant cash buying something on eBay rather than going through conventional retailers. You can shave another 20% off the cost of electronics with a new eBay deal. It's limited to 26 sellers, but there are lots of neat items to be had including phones, tablets, and cases.

The code for this deal is P20FINDYOURTECH, and it's only good through May 18th. Since the list of sellers accepting this coupon is limited, you'll have to poke around and see what they have to offer. Also, you need to have at least $25 worth of goods in your cart to use the coupon. Here are the sellers.

  1. a4c
  2. alltechwholesale
  3. amcrestdirect
  4. beachcamera
  5. bidallies
  6. caseology_store
  7. cctvhotdeals
  8. chubbiestech
  9. digjungle
  10. djiofficialstore
  11. drivengps
  12. dronesuperstore
  13. electronic_express
  14. mobilepros1
  15. mywit
  16. quickshipelectronics
  17. redtagcamera
  18. refurbforless
  19. ritzcameras
  20. skymallstore
  21. spigen_inc
  22. stem_tech
  23. tech-rabbit
  24. thekeykey
  25. wwstereo
  26. youbuyrite

So what can you get? Since Spigen and Caseology are supported, you can get a whole mess of cases. Note: you will have to add a few of them to reach the $25 minimum order for the promo to work. Other items are expensive enough so you won't have to buy more than one. Looking for something a little retro? Tech-Rabbit has the 16GB Verizon Galaxy Nexus for $65, or $52 after coupon. Your own piece of Android history.

There are plenty of serious purchases you could make, too. For instance, A4C has the Galaxy Tab 4 at $90. With the discount that's just $72, which isn't bad for a slightly older tablet. Quickshipelectronics also has several Galaxy S6 variants (around $200 after code) and a Note 5 for $300 after coupon. Just look around and I'm sure you'll see something that strikes your fancy.

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