The Luxe model of the LG Watch Urbane was originally a limited release of 500 units at $1,200, so I assume something must have changed, or that the model B&H is advertising is a slightly different version under the same name. Even now the Luxe version goes for over $500 at retailers that still sell it. Given that the images of the model B&H is selling show a different strap I'd be inclined to think that this might be a franken-Luxe combo of various parts. At $150, though, even the standard version would be a decent deal. Since we've never seen the Luxe model sold for any decent price, whole or not, I thought it might be of interest to those hoping to match their metals with something other than the rose gold and silver models.

Some of the reviews for the watch specifically mention that what B&H is selling is missing the alligator band and deployment clasp, so I really doubt it is the official "Luxe" version, but rather the 23k plated Luxe body on the standard band from the rose gold model. Given the price, I entirely understand. I have found that alligator is pretty expensive stuff in my amateur leatherworking, and a single skin can run you quite a lot at high-grade qualities.

The LG Urbane is one of the few Android Wear devices I have personally used, and I found it to be pretty excellent. Unfortunately, I was much more interested in my now-defunct Pebble Time Steel, but I can confidently say that the Urbane was the best Wear device I ever used. Our review came to the same conclusion, but it is very much worth remembering that even if it did just get Android Wear 2.0, it originally came out in 2015.