Coming off its recent redesign, CNN has just updated its app for Android to support Chromecast streaming of video clips, and a new "reader mode" that condenses the size of headline listings for more information at a glance. If you are interested in increasing the efficiency behind your consumption of news, these changes are sure to make a difference.

I usually get my news from a long-curated and extensive list of RSS feeds slowly assembled over the last decade and a half, so I'm very particular about how that information is presented. So much so, in fact, that Palabre is the only RSS app I can even tolerate. As a result of my pickiness, I can't claim that I have ever used the CNN app to read the news before. That said, from trying the new app in and out of reader mode, I think that the new option is a step in the right direction for increased usability. At least for those that value their time as I do.

Screenshot_20170515-133721 Screenshot_20170515-134750

The reader mode makes it a lot easier to browse headlines at a glance, and space is used more efficiently in the app. Nothing is a bigger waste of my time than having to read news one headline at a time. The addition of Chromecast support is nice too, for the full sensory news experience if you are reading near a TV or just prefer the efficiency of simultaneous 2nd screen engagement while you view a clip.

If you've been using the app to check the news, or if you're interested in trying the CNN app out, be sure to pull down the latest update and see the changes for yourself. Reader mode can be found in the settings menu, and you should see the cast button appear in the top right when playing videos.

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