The Wall Street Journal has just released a new Android app called WSJ AR. It is an augmented reality app that allows you to navigate a visualization of the US stock market via your Tango phone. In addition to overall market representations, you can zoom in to look at individual stock details, view headlines related to the selected stock, and save your favorites.

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I guess this will come in handy for all those myriad times you've wished you could visualize market data on top of all the other stuff you look at during your day. More seriously, there are legitimate benefits to being able to navigate information in a new way. Visualization can help with finding trends or interests in a lot of areas, like market research for emerging businesses and products, as well as investing. A new perspective could offer you an insight into the operation of the market or the performance of a stock that you may not otherwise have considered.

If the idea tickles your fancy and you have a compatible phone, perhaps it's worth checking out. At a minimum, there's always some novelty to be found.

Price: Free