While pawking around in the latest Google Phone 9.0, our resident APK master, Cody, uncovered one unexpected piece of evidence: paws. The animal kind. Cat and dog paws had infiltrated the installation file for seemingly no reason. This of course gave him pawse as he examined all the weird ways in which they could be used then came up empty. But we wouldn't be the Android Pawlice if we didn't have secret informants ready to do the dirty work on the ground and come back with hints and sometimes answers to our investigations. And this is what we're here to talk about: the paw mystery has been solved.

Tipster Kieron Quinn pawndered all the ways he could unravel the enigma and found the solution: there's a listener in the manifest that triggers when you dial *#*#729#*#* (geddit? 729 = PAW) and enables "Paw Mode." So when you receive a phone call, a furry cat or a dog paw will pawp up on the screen and show you how to slide the button to answer the call. The choice between the two is random, but as Cody observed, the cat should have had boots: that's much more pawsitively irresistible.

You can disable Paw Mode by dialing the same code again and that's really all there is to this easter egg. It's not as pawlished as some other hidden gems we've uncovered over the years, but who cares? The adorable cuteness pawer of puppies and kittens is more than enough.

Here's a video of the easter egg in action and I'll stop talking before I further ruin this pawst.

Phone by Google
Phone by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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  • Kieron Quinn