HTC's first 2017 flagship was the HTC U Ultra, which put simply, was not a good phone. However, the company is planning another high-end device, which is expected to be called the 'HTC U 11.' We already knew that the phone would have pressure-sensitive bezels to detect squeezing, but now we know a little more about how it will work.

HTC has published an app to the Play Store simply called "HTC Edge Sense," which appears to have been de-listed since we first spotted it. You can still see it if you press the link on an Android device, but the web Play Store site will only show an error message. The app listing doesn't have a description, and you can't download it, so we're only left with the screenshots.


The first screenshot shows a tutorial, where squeezing the edges of the phone fills up a virtual balloon. The rest of the photos illustrate potential uses for the gesture, from taking photos with the phone's camera to starting Google Assistant. Unfortunately, there are no images of any settings menus, so the level of configuration that HTC will allow is still unknown.


Still, if you were doubting any of the previous rumors, now HTC itself has confirmed the phone will be squeezable. The device's official reveal is slated for May 16, so we won't have to wait long to see it in action. You can find the link to the app below, but as previously mentioned, you can only see the listing on the Play Store app.

HTC Edge Sense
HTC Edge Sense
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free