I won't blame you if you're confused by the title of this post. I am too and I just wrote it. Samsung just released an app to the Play Store that's called "Tizen App Share." The name Tizen should first raise your eyebrow, because that's Samsung's other operating system, the one it famously runs on its popular Gear smartwatches, but also the one it is developing quasi-silently as a full-blown smartphone OS. The latter part hasn't been very popular, but then again Samsung hasn't put its complete marketing juggernaut weight behind it so it's understandably low key.

So when you read Tizen App Share, you might think it's a new utility to share apps between two Gear watches or between phones and Gear watches or something of the sorts... And you'd be wrong. It's an app that lets you download and share apps to a Tizen phone. Wwwwwhyyyyyy?! I don't know.

Honestly, I really don't know enough about Tizen to understand what warrants the existence of such an app. Can you not download apps directly on Tizen phones? Do Tizen phones not have an app directory? Do they not have a WiFi or data connection to be able to grab them? I am confused.

But from the five 5-star reviews on the Play Store, it looks like at least 5 people find the app useful and excellent. So what do I know?

Tizen App Share is free to grab so I suppose you can check it out if you have a Tizen phone and you desperately need to send Tizen apps to it from your Android phone... I guess.

Tizen App Share
Tizen App Share