There is no shortage of smart assistants with cameras on the market. You can even get one that judges your outfit. The 'Lighthouse' is a new product in this category that seems smarter than the rest. Backed by Andy Rubin's Playground studio, it's an internet-connected camera that actually understands what is going on in your home.

Most security cameras have basic motion sensing, and some can even identify specific objects. Lighthouse uses technology derived from self-driving cars, plus the magic of AI and machine learning, to achieve advanced tracking of the people and pets in your home. You can ask Lighthouse (through the mobile app) questions like, "Did anyone walk the dog today?" or, "Did the kids come home from school?" and it will show you the relevant video footage.

Lighthouse can learn the difference between normal and unexpected events, and will give you a notification if something odd happens. It definitely seems like a cool product - if it works as well as the promotional material says it does.

You can pre-order the Lighthouse right now for $399, which comes with 12 months of the 'Lighthouse Intelligence' service. You can also buy a Lighthouse with 36 or 60 months of Intelligence for $499 and $599 respectively. After the bundled service is over, you'll have to pay $10 a month for it.

The Lighthouse will ship in September if you order it right now. You can buy it here, and see the source link below for more info.