Yesterday Microsoft launched a new Android app for its cloud computing platform Azure. Administrators using the service will probably find the convenience of being able to check on things with their Android devices helpful. It even provides notifications and alerts in the event of specific problems, making it that much easier for your work to find you at home.

If you don't know what Azure is, then this probably won't have much of an effect on you (wiki-hole, if you are curious), but it's basically a platform similar to Google's Cloud Platform and Amazon's AWS. Which is to say it gives you a bunch of hosting, platform as a service, and software as a service type stuff that is mostly used by businesses.

The new app will eventually give you access to a shell for your instances (it may be a placeholder for now) and it also allows you to check current statuses like resource use, health, and hardware monitoring, as well as check metrics being collected for things like requests. It will also provide notifications and alerts based on what you have set. It seems like a useful tool to let you know about emergencies or to check things quickly when you might be worried. Don't expect it to take over for the full management portal, though.

If you're using any of Azure's services, the app might be worth checking out. Download it over at Google Play or via the widget below.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Price: Free