A new phone launch and we get a new JerryRigEverything video. You can pretty much guarantee a new flagship will merit his attentions — as well as his smooth and impassioned desire for wanton destruction — and Xiaomi's latest Mi6 is no different. After submitting the phone to his will, it came out in one piece, unlike last year's Mi5.

The phone barely even flexed when he set himself upon it, which is pretty impressive. In a lot of ways the results of his tests make the durability of the Mi6 look similar to the Galaxy S8, or at least his tests with it. Although the prices between the two phones are a pretty stark contrast, the durability of Xiaomi's latest exceeds what you'd expect given the price tag.

If you are fine with things being spoiled for you, Snape kills Dumbledore, and the Mi6 did not snap. This is in stark contrast to the previous Xiaomi Mi5 which failed quite catastrophically. The Mi6 also exceeded expectations in most other capacities. Although it may not have had the sapphire screen of HTC's latest, JerryRigEverything found the Gorilla Glass screen to be as durable as other recent flagships, and the all-glass-and-metal construction of the phone held up well to his repeated attempts. Granted, scratching is a different beast from shattering, and even though the Mi6 might be inexpensive, that doesn't make it a doorstop.