Today Uber announced their new Saved Places feature. The name is descriptive, as it gives you the ability to store selected locations inside the app, for quick selection before travel. Now you don't need to remember or search for addresses to frequently visited places via the service. Humorously enough, Saved Places even supports Emojis in names. I expect a coming flood of people labeling work as 💩.


I don't know how this wasn't already a feature, but I guess most of the times I remember calling an Uber to a location I had saved was done through Google Maps. This is definitely a small change, but the cumulative seconds saved by each of us are bound to add up to some big numbers. Saved locations will even show up on the app's home screen with your shortcuts, if you use them enough, saving even more time in the long run.

I do not see the update on my device quite yet, but Uber says it will be rolling out for iOS and Android today. If you don't already have it installed, check it out over at Google Play and below.

Price: Free