It seems everywhere I look, user interfaces are becoming less colorful - iOS and Windows 10 are especially guilty of this. That's why I've always loved Material Design, because it encourages apps to have an eye-catching color palette. Unfortunately, some of Google's recent redesigns (like the all-white YouTube UI in testing) are following the trend of removing colors.

Rita here at Android Police shares my frustration, so she wasn't happy when she received a new search UI that does away with all colors. Take a look:


Left: Current design in Search app; Center: New design in Search app; Right: New design in web search

The new design removes the blue link color, as well as the green color for page categories/directories. Google tried something similar last year on the desktop, and people weren't happy about it then either. As you can see in the third screenshot, the design also applies to the web search.

I just don't understand why Google feels the need to do this. Maybe all of our collective groans and gripes will convince the company to leave the current design alone.

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