The Google Home only worked with a handful of services at launch, but over the past few months, we've seen more and more services start to work with it. Starting today, select products from iDevices, NuBryte, Universal Devices, and MobiLinc will be compatible with the Google Home (and anything else with Google Assistant).

iDevices sells a variety of smart home products, including light switches, wall outlets, and lights. All of iDevices' products are rather expensive, but at least you don't need a hub for them. Two of the company's products stand out as pretty cool - a rain-tight outdoor smart plug, and an adapter to make any light bulb 'smart' (but buying Hue light bulbs would probably work better in most cases).

NuBryte's main product is the TouchPoint, which replaces the light switch in a room with a touchscreen display. The TouchPoint can control lighting, view camera feeds, work as an intercom, and display weather and calendar information. However, it hasn't received great reviews.

Universal Devices sells INSTEON lighting controllers, like this one, primarily for business or enthusiast use. Finally, MobiLinc offers apps for controlling specific smart home systems, such as ones using Universal Devices controllers.