Move over barcodes, QR codes, and all other forms of codes, Spotify is introducing another code for you to scan and artists/labels to print on their posters and billboards. It's calling it Spotify Codes and chances are the feature is already live for you in the Spotify app.

You can see Spotify Codes for songs, albums, artists, and playlists when you tap the overflow menu (the three vertical dots) next to them and reveal the artwork: they'll appear on the bottom of the image and look like a music wave.


If you want to scan a code from your app, you have to head over to the Search tab and look for the camera icon on the top right. It will open up the viewfinder and let you scan barcodes from your friends' devices, flyers and other prints, websites you're browsing, and more.

Spotify hopes that these codes will simplify the sharing process between friends, artists and their fans, and labels and their listening base. I'm not sure they are better than a simple link — everyone knows how to click on one these days — except maybe in the case of billboards and printed material. They are nicer than QR Codes to look at though, I'll give them that.

Spotify Codes should be rolling out in the Android (and iOS) apps, without a need for a new app version. I can see them on v8.4.2.636 from April 29, but there are a few newer versions you can grab from APK Mirror.

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