PayPal has revealed today that it will be adding Venmo as an option during checkout. For now, it will be opt-in for users of Venmo and will manifest itself with the same convenience as PayPal. During the checkout process, users will be able to select Venmo with no changes required by sellers. There is no additional cost to the customer or retailer to use Venmo over PayPal.

Most of you are familiar with Venmo, and some of you might have even used the service. It's one of the myriad ways you can send money to friends these days. It takes a very social stance to monetary exchange, with a feed of recent nearby payments and descriptions. I live in MA, and Venmo is mostly used by people my age, so that means my local feed is mostly just dollar amounts next to thinly-veiled innuendos for marijuana.

Venmo_3 VenmoReplace_2

As it applies to PayPal, the same seller protections will be available for Venmo transactions, so retailers need not fear. Purchasers will not see the same PayPal Purchase Protection, but Venmo offers their own near-identical policy, so that's not a significant concern. It's launching on mobile first, so don't expect to see it on your desktop yet. Just like Venmo, for the time being, the new checkout method is only in the US.