Android Wear 2.0 has been sort of available for a few months, although almost no watches were running it. Your best bet if you wanted AW2.0 was to buy one of the new LG watches from Google. Now, one of the most popular Android Wear devices of yesteryear is getting Wear 2.0. If you've got a Huawei Watch, you might want to charge it up for the (hopefully) impending update. If you are on the preview, it's probably already downloading.

Currently, the update is rolling out to devices that are running the Wear 2.0 preview. There are plenty of reports online, and some members of the AP team have gotten the update too. That should mean the full OTA isn't far behind for those still on the stable release. You can open the settings menu to check for updates, but that doesn't seem to work often on Wear. Note, the update from the preview will wipe your watch, so you'll have to pair it again.

When you do get the update, the Huawei Watch will have access to the on-device Play Store, better watch face customization, and improved doze mode. Personally, I don't much care for the notification management or do not disturb mode on Wear 2.0, but don't let me tell you how to feel.

We have been able to trigger the update on our devices reliably. Just repeatedly tap on the green "system is up to date" screen, and make sure WiFi is on. If you'd rather do it another way, the OTA update link is here. If all goes well, this will be you:

Thanks to all the people in comments for pointing it out. 

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