There are so many thing to buy in the Play Store! I mean, that pack of 1,000 gems for $99.99 is really tempting, but maybe you can't justify the ridiculousness of that expense until payday. No problem—there's carrier billing. Simply bill it to your carrier and pay at the end of the month. Of course, your carrier needs to support it. Google has updated its support docs to indicate several more carriers around the world are now on board with carrier billing.

Here are the new ones.

  • Bulgaria: M-tel
  • Croatia: VIP
  • Indonesia: Smartfren
  • Latvia: Bite
  • Netherlands: Tele2

In addition, Google has removed Vodafone from the list of supported carriers in Indonesia. It's unclear why, but it might have simply been a mistake. Vodafone exists in a lot of countries, after all.

If your carrier is supported, you can change your billing method in the Play Store to carrier billing. Then, all the things you buy will simply show up on your bill at the end of the month. Note, this requires a standard post-paid account. Prepaid plans won't work.