Plenty of people use Lyft and other ride sharing services for business, and today Lyft is making that easier by launching a business-oriented version of the service. It's live right now for businesses of any size, and it costs nothing to use. Lyft is even paying you in the form of some free ride credit when you sign up.

The way you and your team get rides won't change with Lyft for Business. The main difference is you can add team members and allow them to get rides and bill them directly to your business account. You can even manage expense and ride permissions for individual team members. It also supports scheduled rides if you want to set things up for your team in advance.

You remain in control as people on your team use Lyft for Business. Each ride is available in a list along with who requested it, where they went, and how much it cost. You could even see ride details like who the Lyft driver was. Interested? Head over to the Lyft site and sign up.