A trusted source has told us Motorola is currently working on a new tablet device - its first in years. Our source was able to provide the screenshot you see at the top of this post, illustrating one new feature of the tablet that we, for now, know precious little about. We are highly confident in the quality of this information.

The tablet itself is on the larger size, probably around 9-10 inches in diagonal. It has a premium look and feel, as well. Unfortunately, we have next to nothing else to go on about the device itself. We don't have a processor, a name, or even a screen dimension. We do believe at least some versions of this device could offer cellular connectivity. It's unclear when it will be released, or even where.

What we can discuss is the screenshot above, which refers to a "productivity mode" the tablet will feature that looks very cool. Basically, you flip this toggle, and you can pin apps to the navbar (no more wasted space!), quickly switching back and forth between them without having to use the multitask UI or go back to the homescreen. It makes Android look very Chrome OS-y, no? You can close an app by long-pressing on an icon in the navbar and dragging it up, which seems to suggest to me that apps on the navbar will be kept in memory and running until removed. That could make for more swift multitasking, perhaps. But I'm just speculating there - all we have to go on is this screenshot.

The screenshot also shows us what looks like a dedicated app drawer button on the navbar, which I think makes a lot of sense on a tablet, honestly.

If we learn more about this mystery Moto tablet, we'll be sure to let you know. For now, this is what we've got - and I have to admit, it already looks a lot more promising than whatever Google's been trying to do with Android on tablets lately.

As spotted by Abner Li over at 9to5Google, this productivity mode appears to be an ape of an existing feature from Lenovo's Yoga Book. Still seems like a good idea to me, though.