This is Sprint's Magic Box, the world's first all-wireless small cell, which promises to improve LTE data coverage and download speeds indoors. The plug-and-play unit is aimed at both small businesses and regular customers and offered at no extra cost, with availability subject to qualifying locations.

For those unfamiliar, small cells are similar to wifi routers and are used most often by businesses looking to boost indoor mobile data reception. The Magic Box is capable of self-configuring - just set it next to a window and it will automatically connect to Sprint's outdoor macro cells using the company's dedicated 2.5 Ghz spectrum, and this will improve your service almost instantaneously.

The box is said to increase upload and download speeds by 200% on average, and can cover an area of up to 30,000 square feet indoors. Its benefits aren't restricted to the home or office where the box is installed, either. With the range reaching as far as 100m outside, coverage will also be improved for neighbors and those on the street. This is all part of Sprint's wider campaign to densify its network, laying the groundwork for incoming 5G network technology. That's proper 5G, by the way, as opposed to the bogus 5G being already being touted by certain other providers.

Sprint has set up a pre-order page where you can register interest and find out if the Magic Box will be available to you in your area.