Some of us actively look forward to Monday for one reason: Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist. Every week on that day I get a new playlist tuned to my preferences based on what I've been listening to (you can check out this week's glory here). The rush of Monday news is that much easier with adequate tunes. Now SoundCloud is getting in on the action with their own personalized playlists.

I'm not the most extensive user of SoundCloud in the world, but there are a few artists I enjoy that only distribute through the service, or who have a limited presence outside of it. Almost always I get pulled in via an external site. On more than one occasion, while listening to something I really enjoy, I've lamented over the lack of curated recommendations outside of individually recommended tracks. This feature is really something that will have a positive effect on how much I use SoundCloud going forward, and I'm really glad to see it.


I don't use it quite enough to merit paying $10 for their "Go+" just to be able to listen to music offline. But, with new features like content discovery being added all the time, that may change. It doesn't appear that the feature is live yet on Android devices (or at least, not on mine) but feel free to pull down the latest at APKMirror or Google Play.