Phishing emails are annoying and potentially dangerous, but very rarely do we see one as nefarious as this. A specific email, shown above, has been making waves in the news and Google has released an official statement regarding it.

You may be wondering why this specific message is worth talking about. Well, it looks identical to normal Google Docs invitation emails. When the 'Open in Docs' link is clicked, the user is asked to give "Google Docs" access to their Google account. Essentially, someone made a web app that identifies itself as Google Docs, easily tricking anyone not paying close attention.

Not too long ago, the official Twitter account for Gmail sent the below tweet:

Shortly afterwards, the Google Docs account tweeted an official statement from the company:

So there you have it - Google has mostly rectified the problem. If you see the phishing email, or something like it, be sure to report it so Google can more reliably block it. Let us know in the comments if you received the email.