Just the other day we noticed that LG's G6 was $600 at B&H, and now the month-old flagship is down to $500 at T-Mobile. The model T-Mobile is selling might not be the same version you can get from B&H, but, for those of you on the magenta carrier, it is $100 less and comes with a free G Pad X. You can even use it to take advantage of LG's current promo and pick up a Google Home. $500 for a phone, tablet, and Google Home is a pretty sweet deal if the $800 GS8 and its curvy screen doesn't appeal to you.

I hope these rapid drops in price aren't a sign of trouble for LG, but in the meantime, they do serve consumers pretty well. The G6 was well regarded in our review. We found the screen to be a pretty great IPS panel if that's your preference. Battery life was also decent, and the size and feel of the phone both struck us well. If you're interested in trying out the future of flagship aspect ratios and rounded screens, the G6 is a decent way to go. The promotion for a free Google Home ($114 right now) sweetens the deal pretty well, too.


All these offers have a couple of small caveats you should keep in mind if you're interested in picking up a free Google Home and G Pad X with your G6. For the Google Home you have to order your phone by May 7th, which is just a few days away, and you have to submit your registration for the promo online by the 22nd. The G Pad X requires that you hold a plan through T-Mobile with at least 2GB of data, and keep your service for 24 months. The precise terms and conditions are available at the links below.

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