It's hard for a startup to get into the competitive world of smartphones, but Nextbit made a go of things for a while. The Robin was a good phone, but the company was acquired by Razer early this year. Nothing much has changed since then, but now the Nextbit community site has been taken offline. It simply redirects to the Razer home page.

Following the sale, Razer promised to honor the Robin's warranty and keep the updates flowing for a while. However, it's beginning to look like Nextbit itself won't have much of a web presence. There's no explanation for the redirect when you visit the community site, so anyone who didn't know about the acquisition will be mighty confused. More annoying, the individual pages of the community site don't redirect—they are just 404.

Other parts of the Nextbit website are still live, which is odd. For instance, the store doesn't do anything now that all items are sold out. The community area would still be useful for keeping Robin owners in the loop about updates and whatnot. That's also where the Razer acquisition announcement was posted. That page 404s now as well.

Razer Insider

Nextbit will apparently be using Razer Insider for future announcements. There's not much there right now, though. It's also not clear why the redirect doesn't go to Insider rather than the Razer home page.