Google has updated the developer dashboard for May, giving us an overview of the Android device ecosystem. Nougat continues to inch upward at a respectable rate—it's now over 7% of devices. However, there's some strange stuff at the bottom of the heap. Gingerbread and Lollipop both saw small increases in usage share this month because math is weird.

Here's an update comparison chart with this month's values.

Nougat gained more this month (2.2%) as a share of all devices than it has in any previous month. Last month was close at 2.1%. Even 7.1 (which runs on fewer devices) moved up slightly. This puts it at 7.1% total across the two versions. At this time last year, Marshmallow was running on 4.6% of devices. So, Nougat's rollout continues to outpace the last version.

The situation with Gingerbread is unusual. It fell to 0.9% of devices last month, but this time it's back up to 1.0%. The absolute number of Gingerbread phones still declined, I'm sure. This could be a rounding error, or perhaps it didn't decline as fast as other versions. Thus, it has a higher share this month. The 0.3% gain for Android 5.1 is too big for rounding, so it's probably the latter. All the other older versions of Android are down as expected.