The guys at Droid Life spotted a pretty great deal today in the form of the G4 Plus @ $200 over on B&H. While we were checking it out, we also noticed that it's the same price over at Amazon. Both B&H and Amazon might be claiming that this is a $100 off, but if you look at price histories on Amazon and most other retailers, it's closer to a $60 savings. Nonetheless, that's almost a quarter off, making it a pretty nice price for the phone. And, by $20, the lowest price we've ever seen for it.

Now, the G4 Plus isn't super new, and Lenovo's track record with updates is a bit hit-and-miss these days. This device did see Nougat, though. And, on release, we called it the best budget phone you can buy. The date might be different, but even with Lenovo's update history, our opinion hasn't substantially changed. It's still a great phone, but it is worth keeping in mind that the just-released G5 is cheaper, and for a bit more you can pick up an older mid-range or flagship. If you do go for the G4 Plus, with 4GB of ram and 64GB of storage, you aren't likely to run into too many issues with apps bumping out of memory or finding yourself short of space.

At the time of writing only 10 hours remain for this sale at B&H, and Amazon might bump things back up after it ends. So, if you are interested, you had best hurry.

Looks like the deal is gone on Amazon already. That was fast. If, for any reason, B&H doesn't suit you, I hope you were able to grab one.