With the Play Store's new ability to have apps go free momentarily, we rarely feel the need to highlight the weekly 10-cent deals anymore because they do seem less appealing than something going completely free, so we've been posting them in our long deal roundup posts instead. But we're making an exception here because the 10-cent discount is hitting one app you might have on your watchlist and that hasn't dropped in price a single time in 5 years: MX Player Pro. (Actually it even rose in price from $5.22 to $5.99 in December 2015.)

MX Player Pro is the ad-free version of the beloved and powerful MX Player, a video player that can handle more video formats and encodings than I care to list here. It may have lost some of its thunder in recent years to other players (VLC comes to mind), but it's still improving and just recently added official AC-3 codec support.

So where is MX Player Pro discounted? Not the US, unfortunately: like many of these 10-cent deals, the US and Canada aren't included. No dice for India, Mexico, or Brazil either. However, it is EUR 0.10 in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands. It's also GBP 0.10 in the UK, AUD 0.20 in Australia, PLN 0.50 in Poland, RUB 10 in Russia, and RON 0.70 in Romania. Let us know if you see it discounted in your country too.