Do you want a Home? Do you really need a Home in your life? A small little Home you can call your own... oops, sorry, you have to call it Google or it won't reply to you. But in case you answered yes to the first two questions and you were clear about the fact that I was talking about the Google Home speaker-slash-personal-assistant, then you might be in luck today.

Newegg is discounting the Google Home $15 from $129 to $114, which is exactly the same discount as the official Google Store, but it's also throwing in a $20 gift card, making this one of the best Home deals we've seen in a while.

The Google Home has been improving with each passing month, adding multiple user support recently and many partners and compatible smart home products to control, so while it might still be a novelty, it is becoming more and more capable. It still can't add reminders though, so you better walk in with your expectations in check.

Whether you just want to grab one to try it out or you already own one or many Google Homes and need more to deck out your entire house, the link to the deal is below.

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