It looks like Fitbit's latest smatwatch has been leaked today. The writers over at Yahoo Finance managed to get ahold of some images of the new device, and it's very unique looking, with a brightly colored square beveled-edge aluminum unibody design, a textured rubber strap, and knurled buttons. It certainly sets itself apart from most other wearables.

It's... not the best-looking device I've seen, but the super-bright 1000 nit display, GPS support, and alleged 4-day battery life might compensate for that and provide it with a niche in the market. Yahoo pegs the launch price of "Higgs," the internal working name for the device, at $300, which fits pretty reasonably with competing Android Wear prices. There is no word if this presumably fitness-oriented wearable is expected to be waterproof. Hopefully, that feature isn't omitted, as I can't imagine it doing too well without that.

There wasn't any mention of the interface or software on the watch, but I think it's pretty likely that any hopes the Pebble-devotees such as myself may have had about the device are pretty well dashed. If you'd like to dive into the rumors at greater detail, check out Yahoo Finance's article at the source link below.