Back when I used a Surface Pro 2 as my primary computer, I was quickly running out of space and needed more room. A 128GB microSD card set me back well over $100, and just a few short years later, the same capacity with faster read/write speeds is less than half the price.

If you have a phone, tablet, Nintendo Switch, or something else with a microSD card slot, Samsung's new Evo Select cards are the way to go. They're pretty cheap - just $13 for 32GB, $23 for 64GB, and $44.99 for 128GB. In addition, these are Class 10 UHS 3 cards, with up to 100MB/s read and 60MB/s write speeds. They're perfect for Android's adoptable storage, or any other tasks that benefit from faster data access.

This isn't a deal alert, because they were only just released on Amazon this month and haven't changed in price since then, but these are definitely worth posting about. You can find the cards at the source link below.