Google's Official Canada Blog has just announced that Google Wifi will be available in Canada as of today. Prices range from $179 for a single unit to $439 for a three-pack. It's currently available for purchase from the Google Store, as well as Best Buy Canada, Staples Canada, and Walmart Canada. Although the shape may be familiar to our northern neighbors, I would like to make it clear this is a router.

Google has been expanding the availability of Google Wifi pretty aggressively. Just earlier this month it was launched in the UK. Some have run into a few problems here and there, but in our own review and continued use, we've found the mesh routers to be pretty solid. Google might also have a new system in the works, though outside of the FCC filing we haven't seen any news, so there's no way to tell how far out that might be.

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Rolling out something with an RF radio in multiple countries can actually be a bit of a pain, as each government has their own regulatory measures for frequency use and transmission power. Anyone that has used DD-WRT or OpenWrt probably remembers seeing all the various countries you can configure settings for. Canada serves as a good example of the differences, actually, as they place power restrictions on the 5GHZ channels from 5.2GHZ to 5.7, and reserve a chunk in the middle (5.6-5.66GHZ) for weather radar use. Feel free to fall down a pretty awesome wiki-hole on the subject here.