Amazon's Appstore for Android has always been at a disadvantage compared to the Play Store. It isn't included on devices other than its own Fire tablets, and the Play Store has a lot more content. Amazon has tried to entice users to get apps from the Appstore with various promotions and free apps. Back in 2015, Amazon launched the Actually Free program, which offered paid apps and games at no cost. Today, Amazon has announced it's discontinuing Underground Actually Free.

The shutdown will come in several phases. Beginning on May 31st, developers will no longer be able to submit apps for inclusion in the Actually Free program. Those that are already in will continue to generate payments based on the amount of time people use them. Devs can keep publishing updates to the Actually Free apps through the end of 2019 when the program shuts down completely. However, there won't be as many people to use them pretty soon.

Android devices other than Fire tablets will lose access to Underground Actually Free apps this summer, but anything previously downloaded will continue working until the end of 2019. Owners of Amazon's Fire tablets can continue to download and use Actually Free apps and games until the end of 2019. That means owners can download, uninstall, and reinstall those apps without losing access to the free content... for a while.

We've reached out to Amazon to see if there are any changes to the regular Appstore program. Maybe the return of free app of the day? There's little reason to start using Amazon's Appstore without some sort of freebie.

Details from Amazon

Amazon tells us that the Appstore will continue operating normally going forward. Developers will be able to set prices for their apps or take advantage of other free programs like FreeTime Unlimited for kids. There's no word on the free app of the day coming back. Fingers crossed, though.