Slowly but surely new Google Daydream VR titles are trickling out. Along Together is the latest release on the platform. It is a puzzle adventure game where you play the role of a kid's imaginary companion. Your job is to guide them through their journey of finding a lost friend.

Unlike many Daydream games, this is not a port. It was exclusively created and released for the platform. Sadly, that means all of you Gear VR owners are out of luck for now. On the plus side, Along Together will last most players 2+ hours of playtime. When you think about it, this is actually an alright amount of content when you compare it to many of the other recent VR releases on Android.

I am glad to report that the gameplay offers a pretty solid experience that is highlighted by the clean and colorful graphics. You will mainly be interacting with the game's environment by way of the Daydream controller. Basically, you point your companion in the direction you want her to go while also completing hands-on puzzles contained in each level.

It is also worth noting that Along Together is offered at a single upfront cost. This means that there is absolutely no worry of any in-app purchases or advertisements. You can snag it on sale today for $8.99, which is 10% off the regular price. Once you have paid for the title, you own the entirety of its content. Honestly, there is little to complain about here. If I had to find something wrong, I suppose a demo would have been nice. Some of us might find the $10 cost to be a bit much to drop on an unproven release that cannot be tested without paying first.

Overall, Along Together is a charming title that is exclusive to Daydream VR users. If you own the headset, this pleasant puzzle adventure game would make great use of it.

Along Together
Along Together
Developer: Turbo Button
Price: $9.99