It looks like the fix for the S8 and S8+'s red-tint woes may soon be upon us. An update has started rolling out back in Samsung's home market. There's no news yet on how long it might take for the update to be deployed outside of Korea, and it might be subject to carrier approval, further delaying the process. But, there's no arguing that Samsung wasn't quick about it.

Those that haven't followed this particular bit of drama are welcome to check out our previous coverage on it. But in summary, it seems that a number of devices might have a bit of a problem with their screens having a red tint. Some displays have been almost perfectly fine, while others have had varying degrees of redness irregularity. Samsung has spoken out saying that this is not a defect, and promised to deliver an update that allowed users to tune the display to their own specifications. They also promised that they would replace any device if a user was dissatisfied after the update.

Screenshot_20170427-185520 Screenshot_20170427-185534

The update adds two new options to the screen mode settings, a full screen color balance option for fixing the red tint, and a screen edge color balance setting for tweaking the off-angle shift in color on the rolled edges of the display. It is reported that the full-screen color settings do not work when in calibrated modes. That may be an unfortunate oversight for those whose interest in the red tint stemmed from a desire for color accuracy, which those modes are supposed to provide.

Samsung guaranteed that the update would arrive by this week at the latest, and it looks like it has been almost exactly that long since their statement. Hopefully with it rolling out now in Korea, those who might be experiencing the issue elsewhere won't have long to wait.

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