Last month it was announced that Google Classroom would be opened up to anyone with a Google account — the collaboration tool for education was limited to those with a G Suite account, previously. That change meant that normal users could join classrooms, but now Google is expanding the functionality and allowing anyone to create and manage classrooms, too.

According to Google's blog, The Keyword, teachers and students have been testing this new feature for the past few weeks. Google points to 3 specific use cases in its post. The first is an adult course on graphic design using Google Drawings (a good opportunity for cross-promotion there). The second involves after school programs, in this instance a girl scout group dedicated to building robots. And lastly, it talks about a student-run club intended to bring together those wanting to discuss design, art, and programming.

It looks like it would be perfect for various adult education programs not affiliated with a school and it's great to see Google making these types of educational resources available to more and more people. To give it a try download the app below or take a look online.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free