I have some good news for SHIELD owners, NVIDIA has released two new SHIELD games onto the Play Store. Clustertruck and The Final Station are now available for download at $14.99 a piece. Yes, these are both ports, but in my opinion they are also quality games released at a fair price point. If you are looking for something new to play on your SHIELD, you can't go wrong with either of these titles.


First up is Clustertruck. It is currently only available for the SHIELD TV and requires a controller to play. This is a runner game at its core, but it definitely has elevated the genre to an exciting new level. The premise is this: you jump from the back of one moving transport truck to another. The trick is to stay alive long enough in order to reach the end of the stage. This can often be more difficult than it seems thanks to the amount of trucks causing an unrequisite amount of pandamdium.

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As you would expect from an NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios release, Clustertruck is a fully upfront priced game. You can pick it up today for $14.99 and there is no worry of any advertisements or in-app purchases.

The Final Station

Next is The Final Station. It is available for all three NVIDIA SHIELD devices and also requires a controller to play. This is a release quite similar to the popular survival game This War of Mine. The major difference is in the premise. You are tasked with taking care of a train and all of its passengers as you travel through a dying world. Basically the game has you stopping at random train stations in order to gather new passengers and supplies. Your constant goal is to keep the train operating while trying to reach the next station. You do all of this while avoiding any zombie-like infected creatures that are scattered around each station.

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Just like Clustertruck, The Final Station is also a fully upfront priced game. You can pick it up today for $14.99 and there are absolutely no advertisements or in-app purchases included.