The wait for Android 7.0 might almost be over for users of the Moto X Pure. Lenovo has just pushed the release notes for that particular phone's future Nougat update. News of the soak test for the device went out about a month ago, and it looks like the update might almost be ready for things to go live. There's no word on OTAs being released yet, though.

The full changelog is available down at the source link, but for users of the phone that might not be familiar with the features of Nougat, you've got a lot to look forward to. Changes include multi-window, a new work mode, new power saving features via Doze, quick-reply and bundling in notifications, and a whole host of smaller changes, tools, and additional options for customization.

The release notes include instructions for installing the update, so it can't be long until it starts rolling out. It's not 7.1, but Moto is making good on their earlier promises to update the device, since they've had some trouble before with that sort of thing. Moto may not be quite as timely with updates under Lenovo as it was before, but it's still good to see them making an effort.