Verizon has announced the latest in a series of moves meant to staunch their violent hemorrhaging of subscribers. As of today Verizon is introducing a new unlimited prepaid plan for $80. It has some key differences from the postpaid plan that are worth considering before you sign up, though.

While it's good that Verizon has finally understood that people do, in fact, want unlimited data, their entrance into reality has come with a few caveats. For one, video on the new plan introduced today is limited to 480p. In addition, although you have unlimited (de-prioritized) data, none of that data can be used for tethering or hotspots. This is in stark contrast to Verizon's postpaid plan of the same price that does provide full-resolution video and 10GB tether/hotspot data, but such seems to be the cost of going prepaid on big red.

Almost every other carrier these days has better prepaid and postpaid plans, but unfortunately Verizon does have the market a bit cornered when it comes to coverage. A lot of consumers don't really have a choice. After all, it might not matter how much data you have if you can't get any signal to use it. Hopefully T-Mobile's recent acquisition will result in some increased competition in that regard.