I'm not sure if I should file this in the inappropriate and/or sleazy category or if it's just careless enough that it might slide on the right side of awful but funny. The story goes like this: @SamsungMobileUS asked users on Twitter to show the first pic they took with a Galaxy S8. @savEdward replied with "It was a dick pic." Not to be fazed by that answer, Samsung just sent in reply one emoji: a microscope.

Ouch... Can you feel the burn? Alright, alright, it's a little juvenile and quite clichéd, but seeing this answer come from an official account for a company as large as Samsung is reason for us to pause. Is the Korean giant letting its hair down and embracing our modern internet-hazing pun-filled times? Maybe. Should I worry about Samsung US's Twitter account handler gunning in for my job at Android Police when they're fired because of this? Haha, that's not samsung I'm afraid of.