We've been hearing about the "HTC Ocean" for months, and just the other day HTC finally teased it as part of the U line. We believed at the time it would simply be called the HTC U, but our old friend Evan Blass says the final name will be "HTC U 11." It's apparently HTC's way of bridging its old and new naming scheme.

Calling this the U 11 could mean HTC sees this as the true successor to the HTC 10 of 2016. That makes the U Ultra... I don't know, something else. The U 11, if indeed that is the name, will allegedly have a 5.5-inch screen. Blass says it will ship in five different colors: white, black, blue, red, and silver. However, not all colors will be available in all markets.

The teaser video confirms the pressure sensitive frame of this phone, which can trigger actions on the device when you give it a squeeze. HTC is expected to announce the phone, whatever it's called, on May 16th.