Like most Android device makers, Samsung has always had a custom music player on its phones. However, that's changing with the Galaxy S8. Google and Samsung have teamed up to make Play Music the default player on all Samsung devices going forward. As part of the deal, owners of the GS8 (or future devices) get some special perks not available to others.

If you don't have a subscription to Play Music streaming, the Galaxy S8 comes with a three month trial. Don't want to deal with another subscription? You can stream your own music from the cloud after uploading it. New Samsung phones and tablets include the option to upload as many as 100,000 tracks to the cloud for streaming at no cost—that's twice as many tracks as everyone else. Although, it's not clear how that works. Do the tracks need to be uploaded from your phone in some fashion? My account still shows the 50,000 track limit despite having a Galaxy S8 logged in.

Google and Samsung have more integrations planned, too. Samsung's new Bixby assistant is not ready for prime time at launch, but it's supposed to roll out with voice commands later this spring. Google says Play Music will be one of the apps supported by Bixby when it launches.