Just at the end of last month Apple broke some things in their 10.2 tvOS update, preventing third-party services from using Airplay on Apple TV. For Android users that might own an Apple TV that could have been a bit of a downer. Fret not, though. Much as doubleTwist was the first to bring AirPlay streaming to Android, they're one of the first to bring it back.

I know that it's not very likely that Apple TV is a popular product among our readers, but for those that did make use of it the inconvenience after the recent 10.2 update must have been a bit annoying. For those out of the loop, it further locked down AirPlay by using a new pairing process, likely intended to restrict use of the protocol to Apple products.


Thankfully for those that mix and match ecosystems, doubleTwist was able to work some magic on that proprietary mess and get things working again. Their full statement is available below.

Back in May 2011, we were the first to bring AirPlay music streaming to Android, helping hundreds of thousands of Android users listen to their favorite tunes through their Apple TV and other AirPlay-compatible devices.

Fast forward to April 2017 and Apple, in a surprising and anachronistic move, released a 4th generation Apple TV firmware update (tvOS 10.2) that blocked 3rd party apps from supporting AirPlay by requiring a proprietary pairing process conveniently restricted to Apple apps and devices. Yep, Apple wants you to switch to an iPhone if you happen to own an Apple TV! But users today demand interoperability between their devices. Modern households are diverse ecosystems of connected devices, full of iPhones, Android phones, smart TVs and a cacophony of gadgets.

So we went ahead and added support for Apple’s new pairing process in the latest doubleTwist Pro release because we believe the era of walled gardens is long gone. The AirPlay functionality is also live for CloudPlayer so you can stream your cloud music to your Apple TV.

Happy listening!

If you mix and match things to such a degree that you need to side-load the app, APKMirror's got your back.