Saygus is a company that, if nothing else, has provided us a rich source of content over the past two-plus years. They revealed their phone at CES 2015. Then it was delayed. And then it was delayed again. And again. In fact, the Saygus phone is essentially a running joke here at Android Police and with some of our commenters because, well, how can you not laugh at this point? Saygus announced the phone in Fall 2014.

Are we giving a probably-bad-actor who craves nothing more than attention what they want here? Sure. But no one believes what Saygus is peddling anymore - not anyone with a shred of ability to think critically. Saygus is so beyond the pale at this point that even a $400 juicer that functionally has no reason to exist seems like a more legitimate business.

That said, Saygus did go through the trouble of making a completely outlandish promise on Twitter.

Clearly, much thought went into this tweet. This is after they promised that everyone who pre-ordered would get a Snapdragon 820 version just six months ago.

The Saygus V Squared is expected to ship in time for the heat death of the universe. The 835 model will follow shortly thereafter.