Bringing Google Assistant out of the phone and dropping it into Google Home comes with some difficulties. Not the least of which is, how do you handle personal account preferences and data when Google Home is available to everyone in the house? Until now the solution has been "don't." Starting today, you can register multiple users with your Google home, which recognizes them by voice.

To set this up, look for a device card in the Home app that says"Multi-user is now available" or "Link your account." The setup process has you say the "OK Google" and "Hey Google" hotwords twice each. From then on, Google Home will be able to provide personal results because it knows who you are. The same is true for up to five other people in the house. The personal results affected by multi-user include My Day, calendars, flights, shopping lists, photos, and more.

Each user of Google Home will also be asked to set some preferences for things like video and music services. If you set up a new user and don't do that, Google Home just defaults to the ones used by the first account. You can get started fiddling around with this today, but only in the US. Multi-user will roll out to the UK in the coming months.

Here is the setup flow, courtesy of Artem Russakovskii: