Google is starting to really push WebVR, the in-browser virtual reality platform that Chrome recently started supporting. The company recently showed off 12 new WebVR experiments to showcase various different applications for the tech. Now, Google is launching something even more impressive, the experimental VR film Tabel.

Announced on Google blog The Keyword, Tabel is a short film telling multiple stories. Set against the backdrop of a busy restaurant, the different storylines are told by 6 different conversations amongst the clientele. As you look around the room, you're fed only the audio pertaining to the conversation that is currently in focus. So you're encouraged to move around and listen in on the unfolding events around you, knowing that while you're listening to one discussion you're neglecting another. It's a clever concept that is sure to inspire repeat viewing.

The video below gives you an idea of how it works:

While you'll obviously only get the full, immersive experience using Daydream or Google Cardboard, you can also watch the film directly in your browser. This makes experiments like these far more accessible, and is certainly a good way to get people more excited about VR. Tabel is filmed using the insane Jump camera developed in conjunction with GoPro. Hopefully we'll see more interesting WebVR projects using similar techniques down the line.